Rover HV White
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Experience the Rover HV White – a climbing shoe that redefines the standards of comfort, performance, and sustainability. Offering more for less, this innovative shoe outperforms traditional climbing shoes while being more durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Key Features:

  1. More Comfort, More Performance:
    • The Rover HV White combines enhanced comfort with top-tier performance. Enjoy the benefits of a performance-grade shoe without sacrificing the entry-level comfort you desire during your climbs.
  2. Innovative Compression Molded Construction:
    • This climbing shoe utilizes innovative compression-molded construction, resulting in 25% less waste compared to traditional climbing shoes. Embrace sustainability without compromising on performance or durability.
  3. Compression-Molded Toe Box:
    • The compression-molded toe box is a standout feature, contributing to the overall comfort and performance of the Rover HV White. This design innovation ensures a snug fit while optimizing toe sensitivity for better climbing precision.
  4. Patented Concave Sole with Toe Inset:
    • The Rover HV White features a patented concave sole with an additional inset around the toe. This design not only enhances edging capabilities but also boosts overall performance. Tackle climbs with confidence, knowing your shoe is optimized for precision and control.
  5. 3D Molded Heel with Ridges:
    • The 3D molded heel is equipped with additional ridges, allowing you to catch edges with a wide variety of angles. This improved heel design enhances overall stability and control during climbs, providing versatility for different climbing scenarios.
  6. Less Waste, Costs, and Weight:
    • Embrace a more sustainable approach with the Rover HV White, which generates 25% less waste compared to traditional climbing shoes. Additionally, enjoy cost savings and a reduction in overall weight, making this shoe an efficient and eco-friendly choice.