The Future is Clear | The 2020 Vision

The first-ever fully compression moulded shoe in the world. We've been striving toward this incredible technology for a better part of two decades. Less waste produced, better fit, higher function, more durability. This is our vision for the future of climbing shoes.


Mad Rock’s innovative and patented Concave Sole allows climbers to utilize their feet as they would their hands. Concave Soles are optimal for grabbing at holds while climbing on overhangs, and also help to create a sharper edge and better support for standing on tiny holds and edges.


Microtexture that has been moulded into the shoes increases the physical bond between the shoes and the climbing surface. By utilizing negative texture, this increased the durability of the hooking surfaces.


Science Friction 3.0 for the best performance out there. The perfect balance of friction and edging power. Now you don’t have to worry about which part of your shoe is sticky.


The ultimate training slipper produced with our Perma climbing rubber. Non-marking and longer-lasting to be able to put miles of climbing in the gym to get you ready for those projects!


Need a different stiffness for that particular problem? You don’t need two completely different shoes to get you through that crux! The removable inner liner comes with two different midsoles so that you can customize the performance of these shoes.