Redline Strap
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Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of climbing footwear – introducing the Redline Strap, the latest addition to our high-end range crafted for those who aspire for the summit. Meticulously designed with top-notch materials and cutting-edge technology, this shoe encapsulates power, flexibility, and innovation to elevate your climbing experience.

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€ 75.00 VAT Included

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The Mad Rock Redline Strap climbing shoe marks the return of a legend, designed for elite climbers striving for perfection. This revamped version continues the legacy with the finest materials and innovative design, specially crafted for climbers who push their limits daily to be the best.

Unique Features: 

  • Advanced Design: Inspired by Obe Carrion, this shoe promises to continue challenging, motivating, and inspiring the climbing community. 
  • Patent Concave Sole: For unparalleled precision and power, with a twisted profile that enhances every movement. 
  • Clutch Heel Cup: Innovative design that pushes the foot forward for optimal positioning in the toe box. 
  • Spiral Last: Keeps the foot aggressive and ready for action. 
  • Molded Power Upper: With a negative texture for excellent grip and durability on technical terrain. 
  • Breathable Tongue: Stretchy and breathable for maximum comfort during long climbing sessions. 
  • 3D Expandable Molded Heel: For a versatile fit, made of climbing-worthy rubber. Vegan Friendly: Made without animal products.

Technical Specifications: 

  • Stiffness: Soft, for maximum flexibility and feel. 
  • Upper Material: Tek Flex, durable and comfortable. 
  • Closure: Velcro for quick and easy adjustment. 
  • Rubber: Science Friction 3.0 sole and Science Friction R2 rand for superior grip. 
  • Midsole: None, for a natural foot flex. 
  • Profile: Aggressive, for powerful movements. 
  • Asymmetry: Significant, for targeted precision.


The Mad Rock Redline Strap climbing shoe is more than just a shoe; it's a statement of ambition and dedication to the sport of climbing. With its top-tier materials, groundbreaking design, and vegan-friendly construction, this shoe is ready to take you to new heights. Choose the Redline Strap and experience the combination of innovation, comfort, and performance that transforms every climbing session.