Remora HV Black
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Embrace the spirit of champions with the Remora HV Tokyo Edition – our gold-standard tribute to the pursuit of excellence in 2021. This all-black Remora HV, adorned with golden details, is designed for speed climbing stages, setting the stage for victory. With a wide shape and a soft sole, it ensures a perfect entrance into the realm of competitive climbing.

Key Features:

  1. Tokyo Edition Elegance:
    • The Remora HV Tokyo Edition exudes sophistication with an all-black design enhanced by golden details. Elevate your climbing style with this limited edition, symbolizing our commitment to achieving gold in 2021.
  2. Wide Shape with Soft Sole:
    • The Remora HV Tokyo Edition offers a wide shape and a soft sole, catering to the specific demands of speed climbing. Step onto the stage with confidence, knowing your footwear is designed for peak performance.
  3. Speed Climbing Mastery:
    • This edition is the off-go climbing slipper of choice for Mad Rock’s Speed athletes. Join the ranks of elite climbers and experience the speed and agility required for competitive success.
  4. Syn Flex Upper for Comfort:
    • The Syn Flex upper provides an excellent comfort-to-performance ratio. Enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and functionality as you push your limits in training and speed climbing.
  5. Power Upper for Versatility:
    • The Remora HV Tokyo Edition features a power upper crafted from climbing-grade rubber. This enhances its versatility, making it suitable for toe hooking and crack climbing, ensuring you're ready for various climbing challenges.
  6. Slightly Asymmetric Sole for Flexibility:
    • The soft, slightly asymmetric sole of the Remora HV allows for flexibility and optimal performance on vertical to steep climbs. Experience the adaptability needed to conquer a range of climbing terrains.
  7. Easy Access with Large Pull Tab:
    • The large pull tab on the heel ensures easy access, simplifying the process of gearing up for your climbs. Efficiency and convenience are key when every second counts.
  8. Available in Low Volume (LV) and High Volume (HV):
    • Tailor your experience with the option to choose between low volume (LV) and high volume (HV) versions, ensuring the perfect fit for your individual needs.
  9. Vegan-Friendly Construction:
    • Mad Rock reaffirms its commitment to ethical practices with the Remora HV Tokyo Edition being vegan-friendly. It's a choice that aligns with the values of climbers who share our passion for the sport.