Bolt Chalk Bag
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The Bolt Chalk Bag is a robust and versatile accessory designed to accompany climbers on their journeys, offering both functionality and durability.

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Key Features:

Wide opening for easy access to chalk, ensuring seamless chalking during climbs.

Reinforced brim to maintain the bag's shape and facilitate access to chalk.

Plush interior liner for even distribution of chalk, enhancing grip and comfort.

Adjustable waist belt for a secure and customizable fit during climbs.

Zippered back pocket provides storage space for personal items such as keys or a phone.

Elastic brush holder and breathable side pocket add versatility, allowing for convenient storage of climbing brushes and other accessories.

With its combination of practical features and resilient design, the Bolt Chalk Bag is a reliable companion for climbers, providing ease of use and durability for all climbing adventures.