Mad Monkey Black
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Unleash the climbing spirit in your little ones with the Mad Monkey Black

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Unleash the climbing spirit in your little ones with the Mad Monkey Black – climbing shoes designed for crag-hungry kids, inspired by the whimsy of cartoons, clowns, and cotton candy. These shoes are equipped with a thoughtful dual closure system, featuring two rear closure straps for easy size adjustments (up to 1.5 cm) and an XL velcro closure to ensure the shoes stay securely on your little monkey's feet during climbs. Crafted with stretchy and comfortable materials, the Mad Monkey is perfect for growing feet that crave both comfort and adventure.

Key Features:

  1. Climb Like a 'Mad' Monkey:
    • Encourage a love for climbing with the Mad Monkey Black, designed for little climbers who are ready to conquer crags with enthusiasm.
  2. Adjustable Kids Shoes with Great Comfort:
    • The Mad Monkey prioritizes both adjustability and comfort, ensuring that your little one's climbing experience is as enjoyable as it is adventurous.
  3. Two Rear Closure Straps:
    • The dual closure system includes two rear closure straps, allowing for easy adjustments to accommodate growing feet. Keep your little climber comfortable as they reach new heights.
  4. Prevent Straps from Scratching Ankles:
    • The dual closure system is designed to prevent straps from scratching ankles, prioritizing both safety and comfort during climbs.
  5. Easy On/Off One Strap Design with Extra-Large Opening:
    • The Mad Monkey features an easy on/off one-strap design with an extra-large opening, making it convenient for your little one to gear up independently and dive into climbing adventures.
  6. XL Velcro Closure for Secure Fit:
    • The XL velcro closure ensures that the shoes stay securely on the monkey's feet, preventing any accidental slips during climbs. Enjoy peace of mind as your little climber explores new challenges.
  7. Thin and Soft Syn Flex for Maximum Comfort:
    • The Mad Monkey incorporates thin and soft Syn Flex material, prioritizing maximum comfort for your little one's growing feet. Let them climb with ease and confidence.
  8. Colours Inspired by Kids for Fun:
    • Infused with colors inspired by the joy and creativity of kids, the Mad Monkey adds a fun and vibrant element to climbing gear. Spark your little one's imagination and make climbing a delightful experience.
  9. Smallest Sizes Available:
    • The Mad Monkey is available in the smallest sizes for climbing shoes, catering to little adventurers from EU24 up to EU36. Ensure the perfect fit for your growing monkey.